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Vision Plan

Grant Thornton offers a vision benefit, separate from the medical plan, through Vision Services Plan (VSP). Participation in this benefit is voluntary and may be purchased as a standalone benefit, whether or not you elect medical coverage.

VSP Vision Insurance

Plan Feature In-network Out-of-network
Claim forms Not required Required
Examination (once every 12 months) 100% after $10 copay Up to $45
Lenses (once every 12 months)
• Single 100% after $20 copay Up to $30
• Bifocal 100% after $20 copay Up to $50
• Trifocal 100% after $20 copay Up to $65
• Lenticular 100% after $20 copay Up to $100
Frames (once every 24 months) 100% up to $175 Up to $70
Contact lenses (instead of a complete pair of prescription glasses)
• If elective (not medically necessary) Up to $175 Up to $105
• If medically necessary (means by doctor’s authorization glasses cannot be worn) 100% after $20 copay Up to $210

For more information
More information can be obtained by calling VSP at 1.800.877.7195 or accessing vsp.com. Plan information and claim forms are available at vsp.com or Canvas>Life and Career>my Benefits.

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